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Plan - Prepare - Share

A Caregiver's Guide to Wandering

An informative hands-on kit created to encourage families and caregivers to take important steps to safeguard loved ones from wandering and losing their way.

* Planning:  Planning in advance of an emergency of this kind allows you to remain calm and take action through a layering approach of protection and safety for your loved one.

* Prepare: In order to minimize wandering and to get and idea of where to search, it's helpful to understand some of the impulses and conditions that can result in this befavior.

* Share:  Do not search alone, contact 911, neighbors, friends and family members to help you search if wandering occurs.

The Caregiver's Guide to Wandering includes a detailed Personal Profile section.  The Personal Profile section covers personal identification information, doctor's information, medical information, medicine listing, current photo, DNA collection, and fingerprint kit.  

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